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Visual Matter believes that brands and the organizations, products and services that they represent must deliver real customer value. That is, they must address real human needs and desires.  

Further, they must do so for monetary and convenience-related costs that deliver at least a reasonable, if not an outstanding, value. So, brands should deliver real functionality. Often, the most visionary and innovative brands and the ones that make the best use of emerging technologies are best at doing this. So are brands that are backed by operationally excellent organizations, whose organizations stress outstanding customer service.

Having said that, there is a less tangible, but equally, if not more important element to branding – what the brand stands for symbolically. Research has shown that most decisions are made emotionally. And people are emotional beings. A brand that has a clear and admirable mission, vision and purpose, that has strongly articulated brand values that are associated with important ideas, that takes a strong stand for what is right – that brand will win people’s hearts and loyalty. 

Visual Matter believes that these brand associations can be created well before the product or service is purchased or experienced. And these associations will actually enhance the product purchase and usage experience even though these associations are completely intangible.

Visual Matter knows that it is never too early to create the associations that will reflect the brand. While the brand is being finalized, the digital medium is a premier medium for delivery of a brand that touches consumers, and engages consumers to the point where the consumer feels invested in the brand.

Engaging Visual Matter at the front end of your brands’ development will allow us to create a brand that can inspire people, that can make them feel good about the state of the world. 

It may seem a little optomistic but lets change the world together, starting with your brand.

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Marketing, the Visual Matter way

No matter how great your product or service is, without any marketing efforts you’re more likely to stand still and be ignored than to move forward and find customers.

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Educating consumers to your advantage

Visual Matter is no stranger to educating consumers and resellers. We have created successful online universities, online training and Interactive training applications for both Fortune listed and local companies.

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We are Visual Matter


Who is Visual Matter?

We are envelope pushing, dynamically reshaping and disruptive thinking creative professionals that understand that business is always conducted between people.

We are a creative marketing group focused on getting your business to consumers. 

People are OUR business.

People are YOUR business.

People are a global audience for your brand. 

People are part of the B2B process.

People are part of the B2C process.

It is our job to move the demographic with your story, your commitment, your value proposition, your brand.

We are people that communicate with people, we are Visual Matter.

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