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After a speaking engagement a nice woman came up to us and said "One 'trains' a dog but 'educates' a person.” She was referring to our use of the word "train" in reference to educating individuals. We told her we could not agree more! Our dogs around the office are brilliant!

All kidding aside, the common vernacular for the industry is to 'Train' employees, customers and resellers. Since the industry has set a standard, what the heck, we'll just stick with the term "Train" too. Fewer letters and less convoluted; who are we to upset an industry vernacular over one word?

Visual Matter creates vast and comprehensive Internet based Online Training websites and online Universitiesall custom created and tied to represent your brand and marketing initiatives.

Some of the components that we build into our online training applications are custom tracking, SCORM compliancy, user process reporting, quiz environments, prize allocating programs (based on Trainingscores and success algorithms) and, most importantly, engaging graphics, animations, video andonscreen video spokespersons.

The bottom line is that at Visual Matter we produce eLearning from, as they say, inception to completion. 

The Visual Matter Content Experts work with client content to write courses and flow.

Our process managers have developed eLearning for some of the largest companies in the world. We KNOW process management.

Complete creative and programming services, including writing custom Learning Management Systems, or LMS

We can create content and courseware for any LMS

Below are some of the advantages to using Visual Matter to create your eLearningonline training, or online university:

We have been creating eLearning since 1997 (our first eLearning client was Toyota of North America)

Save as much as 65% of "big agency" pricing (we have streamlined process based on 17 years experience)

Cost of a custom/unique solution for less cost than a "boxed" solution

Fortune 1000 eLearning experience from airline safety to amusement park new hire HR

No seat licenses (which most companies pay as they rent an LMS or service to manage assets)

No per use fees (same as above)

No ongoing contracts (we are hired to build a project, we can manage, update, but there are no ongoing contracts)

Your brand, message and marketing applied to your custom eLearning solution

The client owns the content. No questions asked.

To learn more about Visual Matter's eLearning capabilities please visit our eLearning Facebook page.

Visual Matter handles not only creative and content solutions but backend data base and programming solutions.

All information that our backend tracking solutions gather is tracked and dispensed by our custom database solution. This custom database solution is then placed behind secure firewalls with data allowed for "internal" consumption only. This means that the records of an individual user's login information, test scores, process and confirmations of completions are stored on a secure server. All of this information is of course dispensed to the appropriate inhouse associate. For example, if an employee is directed to complete specific training modules by "X" date, this employee's process would be tracked and reported to Human Resources and the employee's direct report, all progress information being made available at a glance for all decision makers. Of course this is only one application, there is no real limitation to the breadth and scope of an online training and recording environment.

Visual Matter is no stranger to online training and interactive training! We have created successful online training and Interactive training applications for companies such as:

Frontier Airlines

Toyota of North America

Six Flags Amusement Parks

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Kenwood Electronics

Alpine Electronics of America


Best Buy

Each project had it's own budget, target audience, quiz tracking and reporting requirements and unique custom visual requirements. Therefore each project had it's own unique and custom functionality, features, comprehensive programming and reporting solution and requirements.

Here is the game changer: With Visual Matter you own the content at the end of the project!

That is correct, you own the content. Visual Matter will educate you on the procedure to maintain your online training program. No games, no fooling. You paid for our development, we’ll show you how to own it, manage it and maintain it.

Just so you don't forget, we create content that is SCORM compliant! SCORM compliant training is engaging, enticing, educational, state of the art, inviting and surprising! All geared toward increased retention of information. Increased retention means better product knowledge, process knowledge, and procedure knowledge. The bottom line? With Visual Matter's experience and process knowledge for creating unique and custom online training applications for your company's mandated training requirements will lead to reduced overhead and increased brand awareness.

Let Visual Matter take your current marketing directives and tie them into your education collateral to create a unique-to-your-company online training experience. And at the end of the day, you own the content too.

desire to engage in training equals higher retention, product awareness and revenues. Let Visual Matter create engaging online training for your company.

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