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Visual Matter's Core eLearning and Training Services Offering

Visual Matter eLearning and Training Consulting Services

Visual Matter's Development Services team is staffed with seasoned professionals to support, create and consult on every element of an eLearning implementation. Regardless of where your company is in the eLearning life cycle, a dedicated member of Visual Matter's Development Services team will serve as an expert consultant charged with helping you obtain the success you need from your eLearning initiatives.

Visual Matter Core Creative Marketing and Training Services Offering

Visual Matter's Development Services group can advise you on the following services as a part of our core services offering:

Program Design

Establish program objectives and strategy; define success criteria.

Curriculum Design

Assist in course selection based on competencies and training initiatives.

Technical Planning 

Develop deployment strategy; oversee installation and site development.

Marketing and Communication

Determine target audiences; launch program; advise on continuous promotion.

Administrative Processes

Develop processes and procedures; provide administrator training.


Recommend reporting needs; develop reporting and review plan.

Performance Measurement

Define metrics linked to business objectives; measure program success against success criteria.


Visual Matter Technical Services for eLearning and online training

Every eLearning project has technical considerations to manage. It is very important to make sure that the technology solution you choose will operate in your environment and work on your trainee workstations. Visual Matter's Technical Services team is made up of highly trained and experienced technicians and they can craft a solution to address the needs of your audience.

The Technical Services team has a thorough understanding of our technology as well as the industry standards for eLearning and interoperability in third party learning management systems. The individuals on our team will work with your technical professionals to make sure that they understand how the Visual Matter technology will be implemented and perform for you.

Social Media and how Visual Matter cures the SEO blah's.

Visual Matter knows that social media is one of your biggest search engine optimization allies!

We can show you that we have the knowledge and experience to excel at achieving results by combining social media with other disciplines to make your site well listed and well visited! After all, increased foot traffic goes hand in hand with increased revenue.

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We are envelope pushing, dynamically reshaping and disruptive thinking creative professionals that understand that business is always conducted between people.

We are a creative marketing group focused on getting your business to consumers. 

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We are people that communicate with people, we are Visual Matter.

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