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The Benefit of Visual Matter Created eLearning and Training

The benefit of eLearning over traditional classroom learning goes beyond flexibility and saving travel time and money. eLearning also delivers a level of consistency to your training programs that instructor-led training can't and makes it easy for employees to make learning a continuous part of their job, leading to improved performance and higher retention rates.

Measuring eLearning and online training ROI

Demonstrating your eLearning program's ROI through actual cost savings and business impact helps to secure executive support for continued learning investment.

The desire to reduce the overall cost of training while ensuring the highest levels of productivity and employee engagement is one of the key drivers for eLearning adoption in many organizations. These outcomes are certainly attainable with eLearning alone or a blended learning strategy, but measuring the exact cost savings, increase in or productive (i.e., your overall ROI) can still be tricky.

The question is: is it worth the effort?

Despite the extra work required to measure ROI, most learning professionals believe that it is well worth the effort. It proves that learning professionals understand business needs and the importance of driving business results.

ROI analysis can also promote higher levels of managerial support throughout the organization, creating a more positive partnership between the learning department and the business stakeholders.

In the early stages of eLearning adoption, companies often focus solely on cost savings. This can be measured by comparing the cost of delivering eLearning to other forms of learning such as internally provided classroom training, external providers of training or tuition credits. In addition to the training costs, be sure to include the costs of travel, hotel stays and meals.

Another important measure is time away from the job: for training that is delivered outside the workplace, that may require overnight travel, has a much greater impact on productivity than eLearning that is delivered right to the desktop.

To go beyond simple cost savings it is important to look more closely at the type of training being delivered and how it aligns with business goals. What is the skill being developed? What is the value of increasing that skill to the performance of the job? What is the value of that job to the company's overall mission? For companies that have established a system of job roles and competencies, it is easier to measure the positive impact of training for an individual. In some cases, such as compliance training, the value of the learning may lie in cost-avoidance (reduction of legal costs, downtime and accidents).

When learning professionals understand the business objectives they can create aligned learning programs that are highly-efficient in driving the desired business outcomes. When these programs are set up in a way that is measurable from the start, the value of learning can also be clearly demonstrated.

Get immediate cost savings on training with Visual Matter

Like most companies, you are looking for ways to cut costs and eliminate travel wherever possible. 
But you need to make sure that your staff is well trained on key technologies and skill sets. Cutting training simply ISN'T an option, but you may be wondering how you're going to pay for it.

Troubled times call for new approaches. 
Visual Matter offers cost effective solutions that help you ensure your staff has the most up-to-date knowledge on critical subjects, while significantly reducing the costs of classroom training. In fact, with Visual Matter's technology-enabled learning approaches you can save as much as 68 PERCENT over traditional training methods.

Learning for the sustainable enterprise

Sustainability is a hot trend these days and for many people it is associated solely with environmental responsibility. But environmental benefit is just one of the positive effects of a sustainable approach. Sustainability is also a strong business principle that means to create positive outcomes over a long period, for more stakeholders, while continuously reducing cost and negative impact. Seen in this way, sustainability is as much about people benefit as environmental benefit. It’s also a way of doing more with less—which certainly makes sense in today’s world.

Learning plays an important role in a sustainable strategy and very often it’s mentioned in the same breath with “sustainable competitive advantage.” This idea is not new; Visual Matter is one of the many leading companies that has espoused the need for a strong learning culture. The sustainability trend has brought learning to the forefront as a strategic advantage.

Technology-enabled learning plays an especially meaningful role in the sustainable enterprise. It helps organizations expand training opportunities to more employees in more places. It’s available on-demand to help employees problem solve on a moment’s notice. And it helps resource-strapped training departments make their dollars go further.

Visual Matter custom created mobile learning and training for a Mobile Workforce

Mobile learning from Visual Matter turns eLearning problems into mLearning solutions, by delivering relevant content optimized for mobile phones, tablets and other web-enabled devices, on demand and in easily digestible pieces.

With more employees in the field than in the office, mobile learning platforms break through barriers of participation, keeping mobile workers actively engaged in your training and performance support programs—key contributors to increased productivity.

Visual Matter global eLearning and training programs

Barriers to implementing traditional global learning programs include rising costs of travel and instructor-led training, making it a struggle for many L&D professionals to provide crucial learning to workers across the globe within budget. eLearning solutions offer a proven means of delivering training to the global workforce, ensuring that all employees have access to the same resources, anytime, anywhere they need them.

In fact, Bersin & Associates research on High Impact Learning Organizations indicates that companies with learning cultures have greater financial returns over a 10-20 year period.

Whether you're attempting to onboard new hires, create a highly skilled set of project managers, or implement an enterprise-wide leadership development program, eLearning can ensure learners across locations have a consistent experience. It can also extend program reach and scope, allowing organizations to do more with less.


As workers become more dependent on mobile technology and more closely connected to colleagues through social networks, learning environments must reflect and extend the rest of the corporate environment. eLearning is a logical fit. Employees across the enterprise can share their insights on a popular IT title, participate in the same live event with an acclaimed business leader, or go through a short simulation to ensure mastery of key customer service principles.

Learn how to implement and market global learning programs across your worldwide organization by contacting Visual Matter.

Learning cultures

Learning cultures within organizations can offer measurable business impact. Organizations that value learning reap the rewards of greater employee engagement, satisfaction and retention, increased efficiency, and better customer service. They're more innovative and adaptable—and more likely to realize long-term success.

So how do you create a learning culture?

Invest time, money, and resources in learning. Obvious? Yes. But it's also absolutely imperative. Developing a strong learning culture is a business strategy that requires a formalized, focused effort. A clearly-defined learning function should lead the charge, identifying the knowledge and skills the organization needs most, as well as the resources, systems, and technology required to deliver that knowledge effectively.

Get buy-in from leadership and management. A learning culture requires leadership and management to drive change. Leaders and managers should take an interest in developing their employees and show that the organization values learning.

Promote knowledge-sharing. Since 70% of learning happens on the job, encourage coaching, mentoring, collaboration, and learning through stretch assignments. Social learning can have a powerful impact.

Empower employees to take charge of their own learning. Give employees a voice in developing their learning road maps. Make sure they know what resources are available to them and how to access those resources. Provide freedom to discover.

Show, don't just tell. Send consistent messages about learning's value to the organization—align your actions with your words. Offer employees an incentive to learn new things and develop new skills. Recognize and reward their efforts.

Measure, measure, measure. A number of tools exist for measuring learning and its impact. Use them so you can communicate the value of learning in concrete terms.

Visual Matter custom eLearning and training development

Visual Matter's Core eLearning Services group offers complete eLearning content planning, development and deployment services, whether your eLearning strategy is in it's early planning stages or ready for launch. We work closely with you to design, develop and implement learning solutions that address strategic business problems.

Our core competencies include:

▪    Advising clients on migrating their classroom curricula to online blended learning or for eLearning delivery

▪    Developing learning content for programs where the majority of the training will occur online

▪    Providing software engineering services that enable seamless, integrated learning solutions to be deployed by our clients

Whether your course is custom-developed from scratch or starts with off-the-shelf components, Visual Matter Core eLearning Services group will create quality eLearning courseware for your organization. We'll modify existing courses to meet your organizational needs, repurpose your existing instructor-led training or build a custom solution based on your vision and business needs.

Over the last year, Visual Matter's Core eLearning Services Group has provided eLearning solutions for several of the worlds largest government and commercial organizations. The content areas have included technical skills, procedural skills, new hire orientation, soft skills and system simulations, business and mechanical.

Why choose Visual Matter as your eLearning custom development services provider?

▪    Scalability: Proven delivery architecture that has deployed content globally

▪    Flexibility/Options: Hosting, technology, maintenance, learning levels

▪    Consultative Approach: Needs analysis, requirements gathering and alignment with your business goals

▪    Instructional/Creative Expertise: Performance impact and instructional integrity are top priority

Visual Matter's core creative, marketing and training service offerings 

Consulting Services

Visual Matter's Core eLearning Services team is staffed with seasoned professionals to support and consult on every element of an eLearning implementation. Regardless of where your company is in the eLearning life cycle, a dedicated member of Visual Matter's Core eLearning Services team will serve as an expert consultant charged with helping you obtain the success you need from your eLearning initiatives.

Core Services Offering

Visual Matter's Core eLearning Services group can advise you on the following services as a part of our core services offering:

Program Design

Establish program objectives and strategy; define success criteria

Curriculum Design

Assist in course selection based on competencies and training initiatives

Technical Planning

Develop deployment strategy; oversee installation and site development

Marketing and Communication

Determine target audiences; launch program; advise on continuous promotion

Administrative Processes

Develop processes and procedures; provide administrator training


Recommend reporting needs; develop reporting and review plan

Performance Measurement

Define metrics linked to business objectives; measure program success against success criteria


Technical Services

Every eLearning project has technical considerations to manage. It is very important to make sure that the technology solution you choose will operate in your environment and work on your trainee workstations. Visual Matter's Technical Services team is made up of highly trained and experienced technicians and they can craft a solution to address the needs of your audience.

The Technical Services team has a thorough understanding of our technology as well as the industry standards for eLearning and interoperability in third party learning management systems. The individuals on our team will work with your technical professionals to make sure that they understand how the Visual Matter technology will be implemented and perform for you.

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