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“Don’t make me open a Can of...”

A few years ago Visual Matter, a Marketing Agency in San Jose created it’s own Brand Awareness Strategy; we created our own Can of Whoop Ass. The label, all the way around the Can, was specific to our creative abilities and services. We applied the design to print advertising in Marketing Communication publications as well as made the Can of Whoop Ass available as “Prizes” at Tradeshows and Events.

Beyond those typical placements we mailed out a Can of Whoop Ass to our preferred clients and best prospects. From the people that received a Can of Whoop Ass we had OVERWHELMING responses of satisfaction, laughter and wonder! Peopel were telling us of their Can’s being removed from their desk and never returning! We sent out many, many additional Cans to people with all kinds of stories... we did not mind sending out additional Cans as there was brand awareness following each Can. Awareness and yes, with awareness came business. When we called a prospective client that had received a Can of Whoop Ass there was instant recognition and good conversation, a priceless connectiion made at the outset.

License a Can of Whoop Ass?

Visual Matter has since retired the Can of Whoop Ass marketing campaign. Why? The campaign for us just ran its course. We no longer offer the Can nor do we mail them out. But, as we sit here and write the copy for this section of the website, we think that if your company wanted to License our Can of Whoop Ass, with of course, your company logo, specific marketing information (read: creatively written) and company information, this ia a campaign that could, with a new market, have a LOT of potential for increased awareness and revenue generating opportunities.

Interested? Give us a shout and we'll be happy to help you generate brand awareness and revenue!

The message we want to impart is that when it comes to increasing your Brand Awareness Visual Matter will think outside of the box. We are a very creative group with some exciting ideas.


Can I get a “Can”?

Please note; opening a Can of Whoop Ass is something you only want to do as a last resort! Motivate people with the threat but NEVER OPEN a Can of Whoop Ass! We can not be responsible for the results!

All kidding aside, these cans come from a cannery; we simply apply the beautiful, witty and humorous label to these supplied cans. We at Visual Matter really have no idea what is inside each Can, so please do not eat or spill its contents, who knows? The contents might eat through fabric, the hood of your car, your wrist, who knows?!

The Can of Whoop Ass is a marketing tool and should not be opened nor consumed. Visual Matter, Inc. will not be responsible for any open Can of Whoop Ass. The Visual Matter name and logo are registered Trademarks of Visual Matter, Incorporated. The design and information of the Can of Whoop Ass is a protected design of Visual Matter, Inc. The use of this design or of the registered trademark of Visual Matter is forbidden unless approved in writing from Visual Matter, Inc. By submitting a request for a “Can” you agree to and understand that, should you receive a Can of Whoop Ass, the terms stated above apply.

Visual Matter Brand Market Train SiriusXM Satellite Radio University Project Page

Visual Matter created the SiriusXM Satellite Radio online University. The Online University is created to educate resellers of the SiriusXM product. This screen mentions "censorship" and, well, we thought that the image went well with the theme of the page.


“A Can of Whoop Ass?!  Can you say that?  Whoop Ass?”

Sure we can say "Whoop Ass"! And our clients seemed to enjoy it! We never heard one complaint of the language in our advertising or in the form of our custom Can of Whoop Ass. We feel everyone knew it was in fun and good humor. 

We actually had people opening the Can to find out what was insde! Plus, we had TWO sizes of Whoop Ass to offer, Regular and JUMBO sized!

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