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What is so different about Visual Matter Creative Services?


During project kickoff and creative review meetings the Visual Matter Creative Services team does not just sit around the conference table shaking our heads like a bunch of bobble-head dolls. We listen and then ask questions. We engage. We challenge. We poke holes. We have fun. We talk demographics. We talk vision. We talk goals. We talk application. We talk long-term vision.

Once the Visual Matter creative team understands your vision we get to work:

We create your design to define your brand. No templates here. 

We create your design to enhance the user experience.

We create a design that is optimized for all mediums.

How are we able to accomplish so much where others stumble, fail or need to extract huge sums of money? Two words: experience and process.

Visual Matter has a creative process that has been massaged, amended, evolved, and changed since our inception in 1997. What other agency can say they have developed their Creative Services process while working with companies such as Toyota, HP,  Apple, Oracle, and SiriusXM

What is different about Visual Matter Creative Services

A lot. 

And it’s all good.

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We are Visual Matter


Who is Visual Matter?

We are envelope pushing, dynamically reshaping and disruptive thinking creative professionals that understand that business is always conducted between people.

We are a creative marketing group focused on getting your business to consumers. 

People are OUR business.

People are YOUR business.

People are a global audience for your brand. 

People are part of the B2B process.

People are part of the B2C process.

It is our job to move the demographic with your story, your commitment, your value proposition, your brand.

We are people that communicate with people, we are Visual Matter.

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