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Kenwood is one of the most recognized names in consumer electronics. The brand is far reaching and recognized for quality. Kenwood wanted to find a way to educate their resellers, the thought being that with an educated sales force comes increased sales and profits. Kenwood knew that sending out print collateral was not getting the product information to the root level. So they changed tactics and went with an online University for training and product information experiences. Enter Visual Matter.

With Visual Matter's experience in creating training environments for companies such as Toyota of North America, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and Alpine Electronics, Kenwood knew they were in good hands.

During the Visual Matter defined process of Needs Analysis, the Visual Matter instructional designers worked with Kenwood's content experts to define the scope of the online training requirements. We defined requirements beyond the immediate need, the first iteration of the online training, through to future iterations and directions with features, reporting requirements and user accountability.

The Kenwood University is a combination of video, animation, voice over, bullet points tied to voice over, per section quiz with minimum Pass requirements and user login and tracking.

The end result was increased product awareness and increased sales.

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