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Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Research and Visual Matter

After creating several individual training elements for Lucent Technologies, Visual Matter, a Marketing Firm in San Jose, was tapped to create an online university for Lucent. The task was to create, via video, animation, PDF reference materials, voice over tied to transitioning bullet points and screen captures, an effective training environment.

Beyond the the visual aspects of the online university there was the development of the backend, the part of the online university that required the user to create a unique login and password solution. From that login solution the online university would automatically track the user's progress, quiz scores and time through the training material. The information was then reported to the appropriate department and personnel. The secondary advantage to gathering this information was that the trainers could “see” how the courseware was being received. For example, if 75% of users failed to get a specific question correct, the educators would know as much, go back and review the education content then refine said content with the hopes of advancing the user's understanding of that specific section, thus increasing success in the virtual classroom but also in the field. 

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