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Rackspace is creating a value add online University for it's client base. The online University is comprised of articles, videos, white papers, etc., all information that the Rackspace client would find of value. As Rackspace was creating content for the online University they wanted to look at self contained PDF's and the medium in a different way. Rackspace wanted a more visually engaging presentation, a presentation that used the new corporate look and feel to create an inviting, easy to read, page turner that increased retention by efffectively using white spage, engaging elements and ease of navigation (this is where Visual Matter comes in).

Visual Matter achieved the desired effects and in so doing made our client look like a hero!

We created a unique and engaging menu system/design that had roll over states and short cuts to all chapters. We added intuative navigation solution that was comprised of three strong design elements. We directed, recorded and embeded voice over files to select pages of each presentation... yup, we embedded the voice over. Meaning that, unlike 99% of the PDF's out there that have voice over as part of their DNA, our users did not have to wait for an external web page to open nor their computers audio playback app to open in order to hear the juicy value add of our voice over talent.

And speaking of self contained, we also had exploded images (click and see a larger image of a graphic, chart, design component) that were self contained. Yup, to view a larger image of a chart it was just presented within the PDF, again no external websites to interact with, which we all know keeps down the onscreen clutter (important especially on mobile devices)

Interactive, self contained PDF's are just one of the many technology and creative solutions that Visual Matter can offer to you or any of our clients. Feel free to contact us for a no hassle chat about your future project. We are pretty sure you will enjoy the no pressure way we do business.

Interactiveself contained PDF's are just one of the many technology and creative solutions that Visual Matter can offer to you. Feel free to contact us for a no hassle chat about your future project. We are pretty sure you will enjoy the no pressure way we do business. And you'll like our fees, which are very non "Agency" like.

Embedded voice over files into the PDF presentation? That means our users do NOT have to wait for an external web page or their computers audio playback app to open in order to hear the sweet added value that our voice over talent brings to explain features and benefits of the presentation.

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