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SiriusXM Satellite Radio and Visual Matter

SiriusXM needed to increase market. They needed to educate the people selling their products so that the consumer was more apt to buy the SiriusXM product and service. The problem was that SiriusXM was not sure how to pull that off on the internet.

Enter Visual Matter, a Marketing Agency in San Jose, California, and our interactive training developers. With our experience in online university development, the digital medium and how best to merge the two environments,our continued experience in developing winning online universities for companies such as Toyota and Alpine Electronics, tied to our marketing strategies, it was natural for SiriusXM to choose Visual Matter to create the Sirius Online University.

An onscreen spokesperson was critical for the presentation, a spokesperson that would catch the attention of the targeted demographic: young male employees of stores such as Best Buy, Radio Shack and other local and national brands. Enter the spokesperson, the same spokesperson SiriusXM uses for their trade show events, a natural for this online university.

Visual Matter went to work. Our marketing team and interactive training developers went sat with the client to understanding their messaging, product, service, hurdles, targets, and promotional materials. From this meeting of the minds was created the flow chart, story boards, script, quiz questions, tracking and reporting requirements and minimum system configuration based on target demographics.

Visual Matter brought the SiriusXM spokes person into our Los Angles based chroma key green sound stage. We shot all video segments and recorded all voice over requirements then brought all the footage back to our San Jose video editing studio. The post editing effects including custom video transitions, video special effects and sound effects were, once applied to the online university, engaging. The extra step of adding the video spokesperson, as proven via tracking of user login and actions, was monumental in more time spent on the University per sitting and with increased product knowledge, proven via cumulative quiz scores.

Prizes were awarded to users that completed the quiz at the end of each chapter with a base success rate of 70%. That prize generation process was created as part of the custom back end data base reporting and tracking created for SiriusXM radio.

With this custom online training development solution SiriusXM saw an increase in sales revenue and brand awareness.

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