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Six Flags Amusement Parks and Visual Matter

Every season Six Flags Amusement Parks needs to educate a new group of park employees to paperwork, policies and procedures. The turnover for the parks can be significant. Six Flags wanted to reduce the time of new hires in a classroom scenerio, thus reducing expense.

Visual Matter, a Marketing agency in San Jose, and our interactive training developers were tasked to create an interactive experience that, among other elements, showcased a map of the theme park, it’s rides,features and information, as well as new hire information and printouts. The Visual Matter team of marketing and interactive developers worked with the Six Flags implementation teams to define the documents and the scope overview. Visual Matter then worked with the Parks' current theme and marketing directives to design a presentation that emulated and reinforced the Brand while creating a customer user interface that was simple, clear and showed a constructive path to the end result and calls to action.

The new hire plan worked. New hires were required to view “how to” and “New hire” training information, then required to print out W-9 forms, Park Policies and other important information. When the new hires arrived for a brief four hour orientation the forms were completed and pre-education was completed, thus reducing cost for Six Flags amusement parks,

Visual Matter was also tasked, on a second project, to create interactive Press Kits. These were engaging experiences that gave print and web based publications and content distributors access to Six Flags-sanctioned logos and ride images.

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