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The Denver Broncos NFL Football Team and Visual Matter

The Denver Broncos were looking for a way to show their fans the behind the scenes views of their stadium. The Denver Broncos wanted to share with their fans facets of the stadium that the fans do not have access to, such as the player locker rooms, the view from the field and the stadium's interior and exterior attributes. Beyind the expected visual elements the team wanted to tie in sound bites from exciting radio broadcast moments, supply user downloadable screen captures and tie into the Broncos online store, all via a unique interactive expereince. Access to this unique interactive experience was given away in the form of a CD during a Denver Broncos Fan Appreciation Day. 

Visual Matter, a Marketing Agency in San Jose, California, was selected to work with The Denver Broncos and their sponsoring partner AT&T to create this interactive Fan Appreciation Day experience. After Visual Matter was given an exclusive tour of the Denver Broncos' stadium and facilities, we went through our Needs Analysis Process with team officials, to ensure that Visual Matter compeltely understood the breadth and marketing strategy of this co-branded project. Visual Matter successfully combined all requestsed elements, even going beyond the client's expectations,  bringing value by adding advanced features such as allowing the visitor to control 360 rotation of the field level view, locker room and exterior stadium elements, instead of using boring standard still photography!

Beyond creating an unexpected but pleasing user experience with additional technologies, Visual Matter delighted the Denver Broncos with the unique look and feel of the entire project (user interface for navigation, background design and presence structure) that combined elements of both sponsors' design stratagems, colors, branding and marketing approaches.

Despite the aggressive timeline and looming deadline, Visual Matter had all content complete, tested, posted, locked behind secure servers with all print collaterial designed and printed and in the clients hands days before the Fan Appreciate Day (the breather a HUGE sigh of relief!) The program was so successful and well received by both sponsors and the fan base that a second year of interactive presentation was created for the following years Denver Bronco's Fan Appreciate Day.

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