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Visual Matter works with Vapor Distillery, a maker of hand crafted premium spirits.

Vapor Distillery, a craft distillery in Boulder Colorado that specialzes in small batch premium spirits, and Visual Matter worked together to plan for and create a number of changes for the company. The foremost change was the renaming of the brand. The existing brand had been established in a very small market and when the new investor arrived to the company he found that there were copyright issues with the several of the products and the original company name as well.

Visual Matter worked with and discussed with the client production process, timelines for production, stages of development, and suggested directions beyond the clients knowledge base. The end result was a cmpletely new company name, now named Vapor Distillery as well as new product names.

These new names meant that all marketing, labeling and messaging had to be changed. Visual Matter went right to work redesigning the new individual product labels, coming up with several design solutions based on the clients vision, the analysis of competition on the shelf and the clients desire to win the consumers selection process by focusing on the "craft" element of the product and brand. We also wanted the products to be recognizable as a family of products, thus increasing cross selling opportunities.

The label solutions are composed of different elements, each to "engage" with the consumer: embossed or "raised elements" to win the tactile element of the selection process. We added metallic inks to help draw visual attention to the product. Labels were created to let more light through the spirits in the bottle to show the true clarity and color of the spirits. Subtle background textures, icons representing ingredients, a redesigned and positioned cap label that focuses on reinforcing the brand are some of the other design elements put into play. 

Visual Matter_Vapor Distillery_Boulder Bourbon

To help maintain sales of their number one selling product we developed a way to bridge the new brand with the existing brand. It was important that the consumer at the shelf understood that this newly labeled brand was the same product that they were buying already. To achieve this recognition Visual Matter created bottle hangers with a full bottle photograph of the old bottle and label, along with supporting phrasing that were hung on the newly redesigned bottles. The end result, no loss in sales, rather an immediate upturn in sales based on current customer awareness and support but most importantly drawing in new customers with the new labeling and brand call out solutions.

Visual Matter also created custom recipe booklet hangers for the new brands to showcase the types of drinks that can be created with these award winning brands. What do you make with a barrel aged gin? With much success the recipe hanger answered that question and again sales of the Vapor Distillery product began to rise.

Now that the products were ready for consumer purchase Vapor Distillery wanted to market the brand with a revised website. Since the target audience are millennial’s we focused on the “less is more” approach. Next we implemented the use of one of the most secure, easy to use and edit Content Management Systems on the market, Concrete5. We also designed the new website to be responsive, to be mobile friendly and to rack up the extra SEO points via Google

Next Visual Matter focused on messaging and visual approach for the consumer as we wanted to educate to the brands extraordinary hand crafted, hand bottled, quality of ingredients and award winning spirits. Visual Matter understands that the Millennial market is a VERY educated and tech savy demographic, so we positioned content and information in formats and mediums that are easily and quickly accessable. We focused on accessing information consumers wanted via intuitive and easy to navigate flow charting and delivery options.

Lastly was educating the resellers and distributors. To that end Visual Matter created for distributors a Product & Company Overview presentation, both print format and digital presentation format. We also created many two sided Sales Sheets for on the ground resellers. 

Here is a list of some of the branding, marketing and education services Visual Matter has provided:

New logo to support the new brand.

New labels to support current and new products, ten products and labels to date.

Marketing Strategy.

New website.


Photography Editing and Management.

Advertisement Development for print Publication and Billboard placement.

Product & Company Overview presentation, print and digital.

Sales One Sheet Creation. 

Shipping container design.

The end result is a brand and marketing approach designed for and targeting, while not elimitating other groups, millennials. Millennials are a target group that is very educated, tech savy, leans towards supporting the independent craftsman that uses quality ingredients. Millennials generally like to support a company with a good story, a company that is not backed by big business, is honest and is not their grandafthers or even their fathers brand of spirit. Visual Matter spends a lot of time engaging and undestanding this critial target group. Our campaigns successes and proactive positive efforts with Vapor Distillery prove that we understand the market. We are on our third year working with Vapor Distillery, they like our solutions and guidance. We like working with their team

We hope that you might feel interested enough to reach out to talk to us about your brand, marketing directives and how you are winning the battle of the shelf. We are easy to talk to, are not pushy and do NOT charge big agency fees but offer the same service as those same agencies. You'll see, we are different and in a good way.

Visual Matter_Vapor Distillery

The image above represents part of the corporate logo and use guidelines for Vapor Distillery. The client wanted a clean design using typography with a copper color. The logo is made of two fonts and four colors. Vapor Distillery will be using the logo on both white and black backgrounds, thus the visual guidelines for each. 

Visual Matter_Vapor Distillery_Range of Products

The image above represents the line of products from Vapor Distillery. Visual Matter created each of the custom labels. The goals were to create labels that would be seen as a "family" of products, win the battle of the shelf and all the while, at a glance, inform the consumer that these were premium "craft" products.

Visual Matter_Vapor Distillery_Label_Printers File

Above is a Visual Matter created print ready Vapor Distillery label for their product  Boudler Bourbon, which by the way is currently aging in virgin American oak barrels. All labels use emboss to win the battle of the touch, metalic foil to help catch the eye while on the shelf, and a label solution that allowed for light to shine through the bottle thus illuminating the spirit within the bottle.

Visual Matte_Vapor Distillery_Hame Page Banner Image

One of the five slides that resides on the Vapor Distillery website home page. Visual Matter directed the photo shoot, B&W format, photo editing and placement. The goal was consistency with each of the banners on the home page.

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