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Visual Matter uses a wealth of different services and employes many skills to create your brand, market your brand, and to educate consumers to the advantages of your brand. The information below defines the full range of services this creative group has to offer to ensure your brands success.

Website Development 

Search Engine Optimization - SEO 

Social Media Integration 

Integrated Digital Marketing

Content Management Systems - CMS





Social Media Tracking & Reporting

Marketing Strategy & Deployment 

Mobile Services

Mobile Device App Development

Mobile Training

Mobile Commerce

eCommerce Digital Shopping Creation 

Emerging Media    

Brand Evaluation 

Media Buy & Implementation

Logo & Tagline Development

Content Writing & Scripting

Online Product Demonstrations

eLearning Training Solutions

eLearning Course Development

eLearning for Business

Learning Management Systems

SCORM Compliant Content Development

Database Development

Web Applications

Digital Video Production

Video for Training

Video for Business

Video for Internet and Mobile

Streaming Video

On Location or Studio video shoot

Green Screen Video Production

Video Editing and Effects

iPad App development & testing

iPhone App development & testing

Email Campaigns (MailChimp, Constant Contact)

HTML5 & CSS3 Coding/Development

Brand Strategy

Creative Services

Search Engine Keyword Analysis

Website Maintenance 

Visual Matter: Our product and process knowledge to benefit your brand.

Marketing agency such as Visual Matter needs a lot of disciplines and creative services to be successful. The creative services listed above are creative services that we are great at, creative services that, since 1997, we have used time and time again.  

What Visual Matter is truly offering is the knowledge, skill and the collective resources to effectively use the creative services listed. 

This collection of skills and creative services listed on this page defines us as an agency. 

How does Visual Matter apply our skills and services to benefit you?

Your Marketing Strategy might require the use of a “home grown” YouTube Marekting Strategy. Done that.

Maybe you need a green screen video presentation that ties an on-screen spokesperson into your current marketing initiative with custom animation and sound effects. Done that too.

Maybe you have a need to educate the people that sell your products and need a SCORM compliant online training University. Done that too.

Or perhaps you are “going public” and want to create a custom video to wrap around the seven story tall NASDAQ curved-corner building located in Times Square, a custom video that shouts out to the world “we are going public!”. Yes, we have done that too.

Visual Matter is a Marketing and Creative Agency in San Jose, California. Being in San Jose we do a lot of development for companies here in the Silicon Valley. Development that stretches the creative solutions as they are applied to strategy and creative implementation. We leverage the product knowledge, technology involvement and education that is prevalent in the corporate environment in this area.

Visual Matter is a Marketing agency. Visual Matter is a Creative agencyVisual Matter is a Branding agency. Visual Matter is an agency with extensive online training development experience. We are website developers, eCommerce and mCommerce, or mobile commerce developers. We integrate social media programs and reporting strategies. All of our services and skills are there to expand your brand awareness. Even though our development services are located in San Jose, California, we are truly a company that serves the entire United States and the world (see the map in the footer that represents SOME of our clients geographic locations).

To effectively communicate with our clients across the United States and around the world we use a predefined Distance Management Process™. We also use online content review and sharing services for instant review and communication of design comps and visual media. Online content review makes it seem as though we are in your office. We also use video conferencing services to put faces to names and to get real time expression information of direction and proposed solutions. We use secure information sharing protocol’s to safely move data from you, our partner, to us for development, all the while ensuring your proprietary content is safe from prying eyes.

We are a Marketing Agency. We offer specific skills, services and knowledge. We have a knowledge base that applies those skills in bold disruptive directions. Our services are known for their ability to have fun, smooth the development stage through effect process, and to enlarge your Brand awareness through effective use of our skills.

Allow Visual Matter, a Creative and Marketing Agency to earn your trust. Contact us and let's talk about your brand and how to increase market share.



SiriusXM Satellite Radio Online University Training Home Page

Shown is the Main Menu for the Sirius Satellite Online Training University and Marketing campaign. Among the Services for the project are video production for an onscreen video spokesperson. This video spokesperson walks onto the presentation from off the screen to center stage, then tells the user what they can expect, how to win prizes and how to navigate this presentation. Of course, during the video shoot the talent is walking onto a chroma key green colored screen with no images in the background! With our creative video production skills we make the magic happen by adding the background and foreground images, sounds and animations, all around the previously recorded video of our video spokesperson standing in the middle of an empty green screen. it really is a LOT of fun!

Services include in-studio Hollywood-style green screen video production, post editing, special video effects, script writing, story board development, advanced programming and custom graphic user interface development, all designed to match Sirius Satellite's online interactive training university with the current Sirius marketing initiatives.

Visual Matter's YouTube Channel

Visual Matter's Green Screen Video Production

Visual Matter offers both studio and on location video production services. Of course that is only part of the process; Storyboard creation, video post editing, voice over recording, video special effects, etc.

Embedded video, streaming video and video via links such as Vimeo and YouTube are excellent tools for conveying messages and defining industry expertise! Video is also has HUGE Search Engine Optimization value too!

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Bold disruptive ideas!

Since 1997 Visual Matter, a Marketing and Creative Agency in San Jose has been getting Brands found! Learn how our process and experience can benefit you. Contact Us!

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To reduce your expense Visual Matter uses our experience and proprietary processes to streamline the development of your project

Since 1997 Visual Matter has evolved and streamlined development process and proccedures thus maximizing manhours, decreasing your cost and extending the range of your retainer.  Make no mistake, we are very good at what we do! The surprise will be the ease of which the end result is met.

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“Can you say that? ‘Whoop Ass?’ ”

Sure we can! And talk about a Marketing Campaign! Our prospects LOVED it! Let Visual Matter create some buzz for your Brand!



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Who is Visual Matter?

We are envelope pushing, dynamically reshaping and disruptive thinking creative professionals that understand that business is always conducted between people.

We are a creative marketing group focused on getting your business to consumers. 

People are OUR business.

People are YOUR business.

People are a global audience for your brand. 

People are part of the B2B process.

People are part of the B2C process.

It is our job to move the demographic with your story, your commitment, your value proposition, your brand.

We are people that communicate with people, we are Visual Matter.

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Visual Matter Marketing Agency in San Jose, Market Strategy, Brand Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Can of Whoop Ass, Digital Video Production, Web Site Development, Creative Agency,

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