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M-Commerce is electronic commerce for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. With the advent of user friendly mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad and Google;s Android operating system for mobile devices, the ease and convenience of shopping and buying products while away from the “tethered” computer will only increase.

At Visual Matter we want you to be involved in and prosper from new technologies. Not “bleeding edge” technology but the technologies that are proven and have demonstrated real value. For example, our recommendation for future commerce development is that Brands embrace the real opportunity of mobile commerce. Mobile devices will increase opportunity for more mobile monetary transactions, which means more revenue. Brands that do not facilitate small screen transactions could find consumers giving up on them. 

Further that if the brand relies on e-commerce transactions to move to an increased credit card and promotional outreach program aimed at mobile devices, especially if the brand can customize the small screen experience, then growth of brand awareness and increased revenue opportunities will be realized.

With Visual Matter's process and proven success of custom application development tied to what might be considered, at least at this stage, as non traditional media, is in our minds building the proper strategy for future growth. Future growth based on proven consumer trends, opportunity for revenue growth, market share take away and increased market awareness saturation.

Combining technology such as QR Codes to non-interactive forms of marketing to migrate new clients, and technology savvy clients to the small screen commerce solution is a perfect fit.

Let's schedule some time so that we can overshare with you how Visual matter will overcome your hurdles for implementation of both traditional and non-traditional commerce solutions.


E-commerce is commerce that is conducted electronically. There is more to e-commerce than the development of the actual transaction process. There is the need to create the visual appeal. The desire to want to buy something, The creation of the life style that wants to be emulated. The need to have the customer think “wow” or “that would look good on me or in my house” or “I NEED that!”

Visual Matter has been creating both aspects, the glitzy storefront and the proven effective backend of the commerce solution, since 1997. Our first big client was Toyota of North America. They wanted to create that “wow” factor. We delivered. Toyota registered a double digit increase in sales of the new product, in this case an automobile, while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by going with the interactive media campaign.

For Toyota and other clients Visual Matter has successfully folded Brand and Marketing strategy together to create custom storefronts that appeal to the target audience, while enticing people beyond the target audience to find and interact with the brand. Combine a creative and engaging storefront with an intuitive, easy-to-use shopping cart purchasing system and you are well on your way to a Visual Matter staple: success.

Of course, do not let anyone tell you that the e-commerce process is now complete, We have not even begun to talk about the requirements of connecting the entire e-commerce solution into a POS, or Point of Sale software solution, merchant accounts and actual financial transactions, returns, reports, inventory control... the list goes on. Visual Matter understands each client is unique to the length of that list of features and project requirements; that is what we expect and have grown our business around, to deliver what you are looking for.

Let Visual Matter define the solutions and process that will remove the hurdles and the unknowns of this process. Let us bridge any conceived or potential pitfalls. Let us introduce to you the new technologies that are options and offer best-of-class solutions.

A custom social gaming network. Created in Joomla, a content management system, with a custom design focused for the target demographics. Site is a custom e-commerce solution with multiple pay, track expenses, reminder to fund "wallet", etc. features.


A Marketing and E-Commerce solution for an online company that offers well over three hundred unique parts to consumers and businesses around the globe. Note that the logo, color and fonts are all geared to reinforce the brand.

“Can you say that? ‘Whoop Ass?’ ”

Sure we can! And talk about a Marketing Campaign! Our prospects LOVED it! Let Visual Matter create some buzz for your Brand!


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