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Visual Matter knows Video for Search Engine Optimization and the Internet.

Video has been the fastest and most consistently growing medium for content marketing

Search engines give huge points for embedded video and linking video to your website. The more search engines love your site, the better your ranking (page 1 of Google?)  The better your website is ranked on search engines the more people visit your site, with more visitors comes increased brand awareness and ultimately an increase in revenue.

By now we are hoping you are beginning to understand that video is a primary aspect of marketing and search engine optimization. 

Visual Matter specializes in custom video production. Since 1997 Visual Matter has been creating custom video solutions for company's such as Toyota, Oracle, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Hewlett Packard, Alpine, and many more. We know video. We know videos application.

Visual Matter excels with Internet-safe embedded videovideo encoding, video streaming and video hosting.  We provide excellent streaming media and video technical services and solutions.

Benefits of Streaming Video:

                  Allows asynchronous viewing of events

                  Delivers stored content or live events to any location with an Internet connection

                  Broadcast / Web cast live events to hundreds of locations simultaneously

                  Provides an alternate communications method to real-time interactive applications

                  Ability to demonstrate products

                  Video Conferencing

                  Improve visibility of your web-based offerings

                  Improve your return on investment

Visual Matter Services:

                  Live Streaming Video (Webcasting)

                  Streaming Media Hosting

                  Encoding Service

                  Customized media player

Streaming Media refers to a synchronized video, audio and media files broadcast over an IP network.

It allows asynchronous viewing of events, delivers content to any location with an internet connection and can broadcast to hundreds of locations simultaneously. Live webcasting is a broadcast application whereas on-demand is for asynchronous events.

Streaming protects your content because it is only played back to the user's machine and not downloaded onto it. You can control who watches what, how, where and when. Unlike a download when the content is delivered permanently, cached in the end user's browser's temporary files and can then be redistributed.

The Lure of Streaming Video:

                  Inspires curiosity and grabs viewers attention

                  Broadcast live events

                  Backlinks to your products and services

                  Website can be found through video search portals

                  Broadcast Information specific to your industry

                  Demonstrate your company's expertise in the industry.

The number of websites online is not going to decrease.  It is already extremely difficult for the average website to attract consistent traffic.  Streaming video builds credibility for your website and generates more customers than traditional paid advertising because streaming video can serve as a third party referral for your products and services.

Google paid $1.65 billion dollars for YouTube for a reason.  Video attracts more people to websites than text.  Text can be dressed up with bolding, underlining, font changes and splashes of color, but will never have the impact that audio and video inspire.

To the right see Visual Matter's streaming Green Screen video spokesperson for Sirius Satellite Radio. Select that image then scroll down to see the video spokesperson in a computer generated background.

Visual Matter are masters at video production. We know story boarding, lighting and post effects!

Click the YouTube icon below to go to the Visual Matter YouTube Channel. At the Visual Matter YouTube Channel you will see a sampling of the video production Visual Matter has created over the years. It's fun stuff and represents all levels of budget and allowed creativity.

We LIVE for video development!

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Visual Matter's YouTube Channel

Visual Matter is a Creative and Marketing Agency located in San Jose California and Denver Colorado. Our primary goal is to use Web, Mobile and Video to increase your revenue, brand awareness and place your product or service in front of the people that are searching for the same product or service.

Visual Matter specializes in video production that leads to Internet safe embedded video, video encoding, video streaming and video hosting. We provide these streaming media and video technical services to aid in the growth of your brand, educate consumers or employees, and to increase revenue.

Click the YouTube logo above to go to the Visual Matter YouTube Channel and see some of our video presentations and video productions.

Social Media and how YouTube cures the SEO blah's.

Visual Matter understands that social media is one of your biggest search engine optimization aliies.

Embedding videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo are huge search engine optimization tools (but first you need to have videos to embed... we help with that too)!

Most groups don't get it; let Visual Matter prove that we not only "get it" but that we excel at achieving results by combining social media with other disciplines to make your site kick ass!

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Video, Voice and Animation

Visual Matter lives for video projects!

We know the entire process from beginning to end! Most importantly? We make the entire process a lot of fun, which it should be!

In reality video production is a lot of work. Especially when you add voice, sound, animations, onscreen text, sound effects, music tracks and post special effects. Visual Matter has been shooting video and creating digital video since 1997. We know the process!

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Visual Matter knows how to exploit Website development for your benefit!

Appearance matters!

Understanding technology... that underpins that appearance matters!

Trust your number one marketing tool, your website, to Visual Matter. We completely understand website development.

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Who is Visual Matter?

We are envelope pushing, dynamically reshaping and disruptive thinking creative professionals that understand that business is always conducted between people.

We are a creative marketing group focused on getting your business to consumers. 

People are OUR business.

People are YOUR business.

People are a global audience for your brand. 

People are part of the B2B process.

People are part of the B2C process.

It is our job to move the demographic with your story, your commitment, your value proposition, your brand.

We are people that communicate with people, we are Visual Matter.

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