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Craft Spirits, Beer and Wine

To demostrate our passion and continued understanding of the changing landscape of craft spirits, craft beers and independent wines we created a unique Facebook page, dedicated to the latest news, information and trends about marketing, managing and seling spirits.

We are creating a one stop repository of useful information that is not too overloaded with crap.

Speaking of being overloaded with crap, we offer a free digital newsletter for makers of spirits. Subjects you wil find interesting, time saving and money making. Click here to subscribe (don't worry, we NEVER share contact info)


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Target Demographics - Millennials

According to the US Census Bureau, Millennials account for between 25-33% of the population and will have a spending income of an estimated $3.39 TRILLION dollars!

With the spending power and traits that are specific to Millennials you will have to work harder to gain their trust and their money, but with a projected $3.39 trillion dollars of spending power arriving over the next two years, it is worth the time and effort to gain the trust and confidence of the Millennial consumer.


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Who is Visual Matter?

Visual Matter has been creating successful branding, marketing and social campaigns since 1997.

We apply our expertise and knowledge of consumer buying habits and motivations to all mediums. From interactive engagements for some of the largest Fortune 50 companies in the world to consumer awareness of new product release on a more local level. 

Our team consists of marketers, designers, brand evangelists, programmers, project managers, specialist in video and video effects, content writers and script writers. We make consumers not only want to buy your products but to become a brand evangelist for your product.

We eliminate worry over a medium you may not be fully be comfortable with. We are the process and creative specialists. We live and breath marketing applied to websites, social media and best cost applications for digital advertising.

We are here to direct, guide and answer questions along the way. We are your partner.

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Welcome to Visual Matter, we are a creativity driven marketing group... 

We are an independent group that focuses on creating insightful and compelling relationships between our clients and their customers. Our ideas are forged with client input, a working knowledge of consumer buying patterns and a liberal dose of outside the box thinking.

We apply creativity and process to all mediums to produce effective, engaging, forward thinking, disruptive marketing and brand Strategies. Our purpose is to increase brand awareness and income for our clients.

At Visual Matter, we believe great ideas, creativity and inspiration that comes from the soul will rule the dayVisual Matter is THE creative and marketing agency in San Jose.

Remember, every action you take when you promote your business is Marketing.

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Visual Matter’s own brand of Whoop Ass!

Visual Matter, a Marketing and Creative Agency in San Jose, produced, as part of our own Brand Awareness and Marketing Campaign, a Can of Whoop Ass. Not just any Can of Whoop Ass but a Can with custom labeling and imagery. The Campaign was a huge success with increased sales and client communications.

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Visual Matter Services

Optimized to create best in class solutions for branding, marketing and educating the consumer.

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Visual Matter Skills

Process and skills in place to increase efficiency, produce forward thinking solutions, and reduce time to market.

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Visual Matter Clients

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The Visual Matter Blog

We are Visual Matter


Who is Visual Matter?

We are envelope pushing, dynamically reshaping and disruptive thinking creative professionals that understand that business is always conducted between people.

We are a creative marketing group focused on getting your business to consumers. 

People are OUR business.

People are YOUR business.

People are a global audience for your brand. 

People are part of the B2B process.

People are part of the B2C process.

It is our job to move the demographic with your story, your commitment, your value proposition, your brand.

We are people that communicate with people, we are Visual Matter.

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