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Video Design & Production

Visual Matter's approach to Video, Voice, Sound & Animation

Visual Matter not only thrives at creating custom video creations we life for the medium! We have defined a process that is direct, creative and engaging. Our process is efficient and creative. We understand the process from first step, storyboard, through final step, posting to your social channels.


We are not new to video production, Visual Matter has been creating videos since 1997 Over the years we have produced and created custom video presentations for these companies and more:

Toyota of North America

SiriusXM Radio

Alpine Electronics of America

Titan Systems

Fujitsu of America


Using the same process and creative tools as we did for those companies Visual Matter will create your digital video to reinforce the strategy for brand awareness, apply your marketing message and target the demographics.

If there is a need for shooting (recording) custom video Visual Matter can shoot your video in a sound stage or we can go on location, meaning at any desired location, we can shoot your video.


Further Visual Matter can manage all aspects of the production cycle: We can write the script for your talent as well as aid in talent selection. We will create the story board, which defines each action and step of the video. We will assist with the voice over script and voice over talent selection as well as manage all production details.

When it's time to shoot we engineer the entire video shoot itself. Meaning we will handle all the pre and post production arrangements as cameras, staff, sound stage, and manage the shoot itself. For post production there is editing, transitions, visual effects, sound effects, equalization, timing of onscreen actions and timing of voice over audio files to onscreen assets.


We can, if there is a budget, apply a liberal dose of video effects, such as Hollywoodesque green screen video effects with a spokes person. An actor that interacts with your onscreen visual elements. Imagine a video spokes person pointing to and walking around your product as they discuss best in class advantages of your product? It's a VERY compelling advantage. And QUITE the attention getter that also helps with retention of messaging and brand.

Once the project is reviewed, edited and then approved as “Final”, Visual Matter video motion graphics crew will compress the video for the defined playback medium: Broadcast, YouTube, viral email campaign, insertion into your website, etc.

Visual Matter is a complete creative service group. We understand the tools needed to make your video strategy successful. We also understand how to integrate video into your global marketing directives. Video is a complex process with many steps and moving parts. Be sure your next video is created by a team that understands those processes. Visual Matter is such a team.

Visual Matter a creative marketing group

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