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Search Engine Keyword Research & Analysis

Discover ways to gain more traffic and visibility to your site so you can attract more business. 

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Search Engine Keyword Research ~

This is one stage of the Visual Matter Process to Optimize your Website.


Focus on being FOUND by optimizing your website for organic SEO and spend advertising campaigns (Google, Facebook, etc)


The other stages of our process:

Contact us for pricing as pricing is unique to each website.

This stage of the research analysis process is a precursor to any alterations to your website and your specific search engine marketing program. This research is the foundation everything your website is built on. It ensures that any future pay-per-click and natural search engine optimization is being guided by the highest performance of keywords for prospects typing in those words. Visual Matter will be evaluating up to 100 key phrases during this process. 

Visual Matter will brainstorm, research, and analyze your provided key search words and phrases associated with your industry to find the best and most effective key phrases possible. We will gather this data into reports showing the number of times specific words are searched in a month, how many of your competitors are competing for the audience searching for those terms, while also showing the frequency of turning those numbers into clicks to your site. 

We will also analyze your top competitors (or top website alternatives to you), research which keywords they are using to attract visitors and research those words as well in our analysis for which keywords and terms are the most advantageous for you. 

Visual Matter will also be providing recommendations on which phrases should be your top terms to focus the core website content and messaging around. This new knowledge of the market can often influence the copy writing, page structure/ design and overall number of pages in your website. The goal is to find ways to gain more traffic and visibility to your site so you can maximize your investment and attract more business. 

This is one of a five step phase of the Visual Matter Process to Optimize Your Website program ~  

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Visual Matter a creative marketing group

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