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Responsive Website Design

Build once and it work on all these devices.

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We create interactive web experiences using the latest technologies, such as responsive web design, ensuring content displays across mobile, desktop and tablets.


Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at delivering flexible web page layouts to provide optimal viewing across a wide range of devices.


RWD allows for easy reading and navigation on a variety of different-sized devices – from oversized desktop monitors to mobile phone screens – with a minimal amount of resizing and scrolling. Instead of building multiple sites for multiple device types, RWD allows designers to create one site that responds to each type of device that accesses it and delivers the appropriate output.

Since the creation of the web, users with low vision have sought ways to resize text without adding horizontal scrolling to the page. Additionally, fixed, non-fluid sizes cause overlapping or cutoff text when a web page’s text is resized. Similarly, tables and non-fluid pages used to lay out content cause reading order issues for users of screen readers. One size fits all sites do not fit the needs of users with disabilities. Responsive design principles, including fluid layouts, benefit users with disabilities on desktops as well as on mobile devices.

Effective RWD uses responsive (multiple fluid grid layouts) rather than adaptive (multiple fixed width layouts) design. Responsive web design targets the width of each user’s web browser to determine how much space is available and how it should display the website. Resolution breakpoints are set up to target ranges that define specific types of displays. For example, one set of CSS is used when the screen width is more or less than a certain size.

We build responsive websites. We apply marketing strategy and unbridled creative energy to create dynamic content speaks to the target demographic.

Visual Matter a creative marketing group

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