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Social Strategy Implementation

Are you talking "with" or "at" your audience?

Friends with Devices

Our project management team works closely with you in the initial discovery conversations to understand your target customer and goals. Once we understand your customer we are free to create a unique and innovative social user experience. An experience that converts visitors into leads, leads into buyers and buyers into evangelists.

Our team provides unbiased consultation on how to maximize your brand’s budget, what types of platforms to deploy and the best partners to help meet your goals. 

Which platform is best for your message, product, and/or service?


Do we go with paid advertising via Google Adwords or Facebook Ads? LinkedIn?


How important would Twitter and Instagram be to your target demographics?


Are influencers or strategic brand placement in video going to generate buzz within your target customer?

Speaking of video, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok...lets create  videos with visuals that POP!

We should focus a light on your position on social issues. People gravitate to, buy and support brands that have a clear voice.

While all of this is happening we need to focus on the basics; define your target demographics, stick to predefined key phrases and create messages that speak to and with your audience, never AT your audience.

And of course we can't forget the anchor of your company, your website and or Facebook page.


Effective web design and art are not one and the same. We need to design for the user while having a business objective in mind. We need to engage with the user at their level of interest.


To do that Visual Matter employs best of class design, programming and marketing solutions to build campaigns that are aesthetically pleasing to YOUR targeted demographic.


This process leads to engagement which leads to success for your brand and your bottom line.

Let Visual Matter use our experience to increase your brands social footprint and brand awareness.

Visual Matter a creative marketing group

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