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Email Campaigns

Are you presenting the information your audience want?

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Marketers worldwide rely on Visual Matter’s Design Services to produce professional messages that help build their brand and inspire customers to take action through their compelling content and appearance. Our experts know email design better than anyone else in the email marketing industry. And 100% of their energy is focused on providing performance-driven improvements that are not only good looking, but produce better results.

Whether you need a custom-designed template for multi-purpose communications, a program-specific e-newsletter, or an extensive redesign of your messages, we provide a disciplined approach that will drastically improve the performance of your marketing messages.

Email is not a simple matter of writing an email text and sending it out to your double opt-in list. Every communication you send out is a reflection of the professional values your company holds. Whatever communication you send to your mailing list must highlight the value you offer and should increase the credibility and legitimacy of your organization. Just sending mere plain text emails is a wasted opportunity to increase your brand’s value.

Our custom email marketing design services seamlessly and smoothly blend in your corporate imageand brand with the emails you send out. Not only will your emails be more professional-looking, they will also help boost your brand’s power. This added level of trust, credibility and confidence increases the effectiveness of your emails in generating sales, attracting more website visitors, and boosting brand awareness among your list members. Contact us today to find out how we can help you turn every email that you send into a branding and marketing opportunity.

Email marketing grows your business!

Visual Matter's strategic advisors can help you build a long-term email marketing strategy, optimize your results and reach a larger audience.

Each email you send is a chance to strengthen your brand, engage your contacts, and attract new business. The Visual Matter Design Services Team offers design and technical expertise to help you get the most out of each message you send. Boost your results by choosing from a complete set of services tailored to fit your needs:

Custom Email Designs

Think of our professional designers as an extension of your team. We're always on hand to help you with your email design projects, large and small.


Our team will create a custom template for you modeled after your website, a photo, or anything else that inspires you. Tell us exactly what you want, or ask us to design a template from scratch.

Template Maintenance

There are many nuances to HTML code, and our team knows them all. We will repair broken code, resize images, and adjust tables, so your messages look great to every subscriber, every time.

Custom Elements

Stay true to your brand with message footers, subscription pages, and sign-up forms that look and feel like your business.


Our team will place the standard footer in your messages with a custom version that includes your preferred links and text.

Sign-up Forms

Our team will build custom sign-up forms that match your website, so you can capture the highest number of new subscribers.

Message Services

Let our team lighten your load with our message support services.

Document Conversion

When you have a PDF or an image you want to turn into an HTML email, we'll handle the conversion from start to finish.

Email Rendering

Our experts will test your messages across mobile, desktop, and web-based email clients, so you can be confident your subscribers are seeing the best versions of your emails..

Quick Message

When you're short on time, let us send your email for you. Tell us what you want in your message and who should receive it, and we'll handle the rest.

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