Microsite Development

A microsite is a small group of pages with a unique address and links. It usually acts as a subdivision of a larger online entity.

Microsite's can be a unique domain (e.g. microsite.com), a sub-domain (e.g. microsite.domain.com) or a directory of an existing site (e.g. domain.com/microsite).

Typically, a microsite will feature in-depth content about a specific product, service, event, idea or thing.

Essentially, microsites are tiny websites that will usually only serve one purpose. the brilliance of microsites – companies are no longer burdened with a huge list of requirements of what needs to be included on the site. That can be very helpful, especially for a large company.

Microsites can allow a large business to focus solely on what the user wants, sidestepping what might be legal or business necessities.

Microsites also give businesses a way to direct specific users to specific sites, built for their specific needs. Mobile banking users, for instance, likely don’t require access to legal documents about trademarks and subsidiaries. They do, however, need to be able to easily log in and check their balance.


The other major reason that microsites can be a good digital investment is that user flows of microsites can be significantly simplified. Because microsites have a narrowed focus, only designed to attract and appeal to users who want those specific things. This creates a much more positive experience for those users. 



The biggest ‘pro’ of developing a microsite is the ability to communicate a specific and targeted message to sell a product or service. With unique branding, URL structure and content, a microsite can easily act as a standalone site that is free from associations with its related larger entity.


Though a new domain may not have the established SEO authority as your existing site, new pages that are keyword-rich for your targeted terms will draw more qualified traffic to the new site.


Though you can easily track the traffic, goals and success rate of pages or campaigns in your standard Google Analytics profile, by creating a new site profile under the same account you’re able to create more specific goals and custom segmentation that are tailored to your new microsite. It’s also easier to navigate your analytics when each property has its own dedicated profile and interface.

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