Search Engine Optimized Website Copy ~ Critical

Visual Matter will be writing and revising new text to optimize the current website’s content around the key targeted phrases. We will be meeting with your team to discuss content strategy around the targeted phrases. Additional copy and information will be required from you in order to help Visual Matter optimize the pages and give us better insights into your business and ideal customers. Based on about 15 web pages on your current site, Visual Matter will be making recommendations and infusing key phrase combinations to maximize all other technical aspects of SEO development. 

Google and the other search engines heavily favor web pages that have lots of relevant content that matches up with a person’s natural search query the best. However your content must also be sales-focused and friendly to read, as normal humans like -- not just OK for a computer algorithm. Visual Matter’s experience in writing quality, SEO-friendly content will ensure your website is optimized properly and reads naturally for your customers.



A phase of the Visual Matter Search Engine

Optimization Program ~  Contact us for more information

Optimize your Website ~

This is one stage of the Visual Matter Process to Optimize your Website. Focus on being FOUND by optimizing your website for organic SEO and spend advertising campaigns (Google, Facebook, etc)


The other stages of our process:

Contact us for pricing as pricing is unique to each website.

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