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The Visual Matter Process

Visual Matter is a very hands-on team of creative individuals. Our process for project development and process management is based on discoveries, innovation, content management and process evaluation while working with and creating solutions for Fortune 100, mid, and local company's since 1997.

In order to make the very best use of the client's budget and timeline Visual Matter incorporates our very own proprietary Design Forward ™ philosophy and approach to the creative process. Meaning Visual Matter will build segments of the project based on content, information, etc., that are deemed "final", non-changing, and have approval from all stakeholders at all levels BEFORE we move to the next stage of development.

We build our cost estimates with the premise of building and touching content once, closing that door, so to speak, and then moving to the next task.


Each development stage is built upon the shoulders of the previous stage of development. Thus we are always building “forward” and with the least possible steps required to build a project, which means fewer hours of development, thus a reduced budget and FASTER TO MARKET. 

To facilitate the process of Design Forward™ we spend a little more time with our clients at the forefront of a project to clearly define the production requirements. Our ultimate goal is to make this project as easy as possible on you by seeking your involvement and assistance.

Changes and corrections

As you can imagine, the Design Forward™ philosophy is a true time saver and a real advantage for you, our clients. Unfortunately, with this philosophy, there is no padding of the budget for changes. Corrections, sure, those we are happy to fix at no charge to you and with our sincere apologies. But changes to content, flow charting, navigation, colors, photographs, etc., are not part of the original budget. So when there is a change requested, that is outside of the scope of the original estimated cost, Visual Matter will supply a Change of Scope document. This document will define the requested change, the cost to implement and the effect, if any, to the project's timeline. Said document will need to be signed, approved and received from you before any changes can be implemented. We do this so you are fully aware of cause and effect and to eliminate surprises.

Client Requirements

We believe a team-focused approach creates the best product with minimal cost. With that thought Visual Matter will work closely with a designated point person from the client's team. 

We believe a teamwork approach creates the best product while reducing estimated cost. To minimize the estimated man- hours for the development of the proposed project Visual Matter will be working and relying on the content experts of the client for guidance and direction.



"Visual Matter's Design Forward™ process 

gets products to market faster!"


Visual Matter is a group with an extensive understanding of web development, brand development, consumer buying patterns, the integration of social media programs and reporting strategies. All of our services and skills are there to expand your brand awareness and thus increase your revenue. Even though our development services are located in San Jose, we are truly a company that serves the entire United States and the world.


Visual Matter is a creative group. 

Visual Matter is a marketing group.

Visual Matter is a technology group.

Visual Matter is a social media group.

The Visual Matter Distance Management Process™

To effectively communicate with our clients across the United States and around the world we use a predefined Distance Management Process™. We also use online content review and sharing services for instant review and communication of design comps and visual media. Online content review and online screen sharing for design review makes it seem as though we are in your office. We also use video conferencing services to put faces to names and to get real time expression information of direction and proposed solutions. We use secure information sharing protocols to safely move data from you to us for development, all the while ensuring your proprietary content is safe from prying eyes.

We are a Marketing Agency. We offer specific skills, services and knowledge as they are needed to increase your brand awareness and revenue. We have a creative and technical knowledge base that applies those skills to bold and disruptive directions. Visual Matter is known for our ability to have fun, smooth the development stage through effective process management and to expand your Brand awareness through effective use of industry leading technology and skills.

Visual Matter a creative marketing group


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